VideoGuard uses state of the art video analytics and high quality military grade surveillance camera systems.  This provides our customers with a quality product that is able to identify suspects for apprehension and prosecution.  Video verification will also be used during alarm activations to prevent costly false alarm fees.





VideoGuard provides strategic virtual guard services by integrating traditional security guard services with professionally installed high definition security surveillance cameras and a state of the art command and control center.  VideoGuard uses video analytics to create an affordable interactive security solution for every customer.


Strategy & Operations

Our goal is to prevent and deter crime before our customers are victimized.  Trained video surveillance personnel will monitor live video and alarm activations for potential security risks.  Using two way audio and visual warning lights, our operators can warn and deter before calling law enforcement.  With rising crime rates and a reduction in criminal prosecution, we can no longer rely on the legal system to deter criminal activity.  When needed, our security personnel will alert law enforcement, direct them to the location for apprehension, and provide customers with the video evidence for prosecution. 


Cost Savings

Theft and organized retail crime are costing businesses millions of dollars.  VideoGuard not only reduces theft, it will effectively combat workers compensation claims, civil litigation, insurance claims, and help lower insurance policy costs, false alarm fees and security guard costs.   


How it Works

VideoGuard experts will conduct a security assessment of the property and develop and security plan.  Once a plan is agreed upon, surveillance cameras will be installed and video analytics will be used to alert the command center of any activity.  If an alert occurs on the customers property, the command center can attempt to deter the crime by giving visual and audible warnings to the intruder.  If intruder refuses to follow these warnings, the command center can dispatch either a security guard or law enforcement to the property based on the severity of the incident.  


Integrated Security Solutions


Interactive Virtual Guard Services

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