VideoGuard was started as a joint collaboration between two established security companies who recognized the need to change and adapt to modern security protocols.  South Bay Security and Safe and Sound Surveillance are integrating their professional specialties to address the rapidly evolving security needs of today.  VideoGuard has a well balanced team of experts to provide our customers with a professional designed and executed security plan. 


Larry Kruger-Private Security Expert

Founder and owner of South Bay Security.  Has been providing security guard services for over 20 years.  


Gabriel Shangle-Electrical Design Expert

Founder of Safe and Sound Surveillance, Gabriel has a background in electrical and mechanical programming and installation.


Craig Shiosaki-Surveillance Design Expert

Founder of Safe and Sound Surveillance, Craig has 15 years of law enforcement experience and specializes in video surveillance specifically related to prevention, identification and apprehension.  


Scott Bargar- Law Enforcement Expert

Scott is a retired law enforcement officer with 30 years of experience.  During this time Scott developed an expertise specifically related to anti-terrorism and intelligence

Integrated Security Solutions


Interactive Virtual Guard Services

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