Fumigation Properties

Provide surveillance inside a fumigated property to provide customers with low cost security while they are gone.  


Construction Sites

Vandalism and theft of copper and tools can cause huge delays resulting in increased cost.  VideoGuard will monitor these areas and prevent these crimes before it happens. 


Remote Locations

If you have a remote site that does not have internet.  VideoGuard has the solution for you.  Using 4g LTE, VideoGuard can get internet to any remote location.




From elementary schools to universities, school shootings are on the rise and become a serious problem.  The average school shooting lasts 12.4 minutes and when these deadly events occur, every second counts.  Providing law enforcement with real-time information to find and stop the threat quickly can be the difference between life and death for those waiting helplessly in the classrooms.   


Commercial Properties

Providing a safe and clean business environment is crucial for property owners.  The location and appearance of a property will determine the income potential your property.  Transient problems are a major issue as they leave behind unsanitary conditions.  Unfortunately, law enforcement does not have the resources to help property owners who are forced to hire costly security guards to stand around.  VideoGuard provides property owners with a more cost efficient solution.




VideoGuard solves numerous issues for warehouse managers as it will safeguard employers from frivolous civil and workers compensation claims.  Employers can manage job performance and prevent potential unsafe situations before an accident occurs.  Employers also face internal and external theft as property crimes continue to rise.  VideoGuard will help employers reduce their "shrinkage" and increase profit margins during a time when minimum wage costs continue to rise.    


Auto Dealerships


Auto theft, parts theft and vandalism are an unnecessary cost for auto dealerships.  Using VideoGuard will help auto dealers address these issues and save.  After a crime is committed and the damage is done, auto dealers will get very little restitution from criminals. With rising insurance rates, auto dealers need to stop the activity before it occurs.  VideoGuard identify suspects trespassing onto the dealership lots and remote storage sites.  Using interactive communication inconjunction with sending security personnel, VideoGuard will reduce these costly events and increase apprehension and prosecution at the sametime.  

Integrated Security Solutions


Interactive Virtual Guard Services

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